Usually the biggest problem for a student in Milan is to find an apartment!
We will try to help you in doing that as much as possible!
In September and February/March it will be possible to search in our database (come to our offices for that!),
we can also help you in contact the owners even if you have already some announce to check,
we are also available to give you some tips.
Remember: we are not an agency but we will do as much as possible to help you!


SPOTAHOME offers you several possibilities, they garantee for their houses even if you do not go in person to check them. You can use our promo code ESNPOLI to get a discount!
There are several FACEBOOK GROUP you can look at, remember that "rents" in italian is "affitti". In particular this one is managed by us: HOUSING GROUP.


There are also several website that you can easily find, typing "AFFITTI MILANO". Remember: always ask to see the apartment before pay or sign anything!




METTI IN AFFITTO subito una stanza!!! Sei proprietario di un appartamento e vuoi metterlo in affitto?

Scrivi a con tutte le informazioni: stanza singola/doppia..., per ragazzi/ragazze, prezzo, breve descrizione casa, indirizzo, numeri/email da contattare

Gli studenti internazionali richiedono solitamente nei periodi di settembre/ottobre e febbraio/marzo.