Certainly a possibility to come back home after a night out is to use car or bike sharing, but in some situations it is better if you do not drive :P

So, how to do it?

You have to know that the following LINES ARE OPERATING ALL NIGHT LONG, passing every 30 minutes: NM1, NM2 and NM3 and 90/91 bus lines.

Note that these are buses substituting the metro, so check where the stops are on the ATM web site or app. Normally, the buses follow the same route of the subway.

There are also other lines operating in the weekend and in the nights before midweek holidays:

  • N6 Cadorna FN M1/M2-Centrale FS M2/M3;
  • N15 Gratosoglio-San Babila M1;
  • N24 Vigentino-Duomo M1/M3;
  • N27 viale Ungheria-San Babila M1;
  • N42 Bicocca-Centrale FS M2/M3;
  • N50 Lorenteggio-Cairoli M1;
  • N54 Lambrate FS M2-Duomo M1/M3;
  • N57 Quarto Oggiaro-Cairoli M1;
  • N80 Quinto Romano-De Angeli M1;
  • N94 Porta Volta-Cadorna FN M1/M2.

You can use the normal daily ticket or season ticket. A single urban ticket purchased after midnight is valid until 6 am every day of the week; those purchased after 4.30am are valid for 90 minutes.

During this time, the tickets can only be used for one metro journey. Here’s a map of the NIGHT NETWORK.

The last chance you have is to take a TAXI, but remember that they are not so cheap. In any case, these are some telephone numbers:

  • Radio Taxi +39 02696
  • RadioTaxi +39 028585
  • TaxiBlu +39 924040

There is also a useful app called AppTaxi thanks to which you can book the taxi using your smartphone.