1 - I am not a student of Politecnico di Milano. What should I do?

In Milan we are 6 ESN sections, if you are a student of Bicocca, Bocconi, Cattolica, IULM or Statale you should look for the ESN section of your university (look here).

If your university is another one (ex. Brera) you can join us BUT there are some activities you will not able to take part in since you need the matriculation number of Politecnico. If you are from San Raffaele we suggest you IULM.

2 – Where should I look in order to know the event of ESN Politecnico Milano?

We publish our events on this website but we suggest you to join the Facebook group (for each academic year we create a new one). There is the updated link in the homepage "Erasmus Group". 

In addition we suggest you to follow us also on Instagram (@esnpolimi) we are going to post all our event and some pictures of them.

3 - How can I move around Milan?

Give a look to these pages: public trasnsportation, car/bike sharing, how to come back at night.

4 – I am looking for an accommodation. Can you help me?

Sure! At the beginning of each semester you can come to our offices where we can help you looking for an house and take an appointment with the owner. We also give other tips here.

5 – Where are your ESN offices?

Just give a look here

6 – What is the ESNcard and why should I take it?

You can find all the information here.

7 – How can I get the ESNcard? 

 Enter on this page. You will find a from, fill it. At the end of it a 4 letter code will appear, keep it and come to our offices. There you will get the ESNcard, the cost is 10 euros. You can pay by cash or by Verse App.

8 – Which are the discounts that I can get with the ESNcard? 

 We collect all our discount list under the section ESNcard -> Discounts and Partners. You will find the list of all local, national and international partner and all discount related info.

9 – Do you organise some trips?

Of course! Usually we go to Oktoberfest, Budapest, Rome, Florence… in the winter semester, while in the summer semester we go to Prague, Naples, Apulia/Sardinia… and others!

10 – How do I have access to all the discounts with the ESNcard?

You just need to register your ESNcard on ESNcard.org!

11 – I have a question that is not listed here, what can I do?

Send us an email to info@esnpolimi.it, we’ll do our best to give you an answer!


1 – Where can I get more info about the Coronavirus situation in Italy?

Here the link to the website of the Italian Ministry of Health where you can find all the latest news!

2 – What’s the impact of the virus on ESN in general?

You can check here the ESN Italy website and here the ESN International website

3 – Are you still organising activities?

Yes we are! Online activities of course, like movie nights, cooking lessons, sport sessions…

Check our Facebook group to see all the activities planned!