What is ESN Politecnico Milano?

The Erasmus Student Network Politecnico Milano is a non-profit, apolitical association of students founded in 1992. Its aim is to support the student exchange programs, supplying information and any kind of help that can be voluntarily given by its members. ESN Politecnico is member of the Italian network, ESN Italia, and of the international one, ESN International, since December 1994. ESN International is a pan-European student organisation which was founded in Copenhagen in 1990. Since then, the network has expanded considerably. Nowadays, ESN is present in more than 1000 Higher Education Institutions from 42 countries.  Despite its name, the network is devoted to students participating in all exchange programmes in Europe.

Our goals are:

Improving the social integration of foreign students at the host institution

Providing more adequate information about exchange programmes

Taking advantage of exchange students' experience by making them active in the network

Continuously contributing to the evaluation of the European exchange programmes based on the experiences of former exchange students.

In order to pursue these goals during the academic semesters of every year, ESN organizes cultural trips around Italy, guided visits to the most famous monuments in Milan, a design competition, conferences and parties in various clubs almost every day of the week.

Our organization

The services and activities are granted completely by the volunteer work of a certain number of active members, mostly Italian students come back from an exchange program. The board is composed by 5 members, who organize periodical meetings with the assembly of the members. There are also periodical national meetings (Piattaforme Nazionali, PN) while there is only an international assembly general meeting (AGM) per year.

Our Mascotte

The mascotte of ESN POLItecnico Milano is the beloved octupus POLI PAUL!

He has many arms so that he can do many different things, like us, as members of ESN Poli, do. Some of us are more into cultural stuff, others manage the design and communications, others prepare the games for Tandem Night etc.

He gives strong hugs, is smart and slippery.