Even if public transportation will get you almost in every corner of the city, if there’s a strike or simply you don’t want to take the subway, you can always look for car or bike sharing.

A lot of companies offer this possibility.

Car Sharing:

-      Car2go: register online and download the app.

During the registration, you’re going to choose a password that will represent the key for opening the car.

To sign up, you have to pay 15€, including 9€ as a registration fee and the rest as credit. Depending on the type of car (Smart Fortwo or Smart Forfour), the fare could change from 0.24 to 0.26 €/min.

You can also rent a car for the whole day for 59€.

Through the app is possible to localize a car close to you and book it. You can find vehicles anywhere within the service coverage area, since there are no fixed pick-up and drop-off points.

Parking is free in the white public parking but also on the blue or yellow parking spots; you cannot do it in the restricted traffic area (ZTL) or outside of the service coverage area.

-      Enjoy (website): cost is 0.25 €/min and if you exceed 50 km during a single rental you’ll have to pay 0.25€ for each additional kilometer.

There are no subscription fees. As with Car2Go, the conditions for parking are the same and you can book the car by using the app or simply by spotting a free vehicle on the street.

The booking is free for the first 15 minutes but for the next 75 is 0.10 €/min. You can find additional information here.

-     Share’ngo (website): Electric cars with a basic fare of 0.28 €/min.

There are also special packages of 100, 200 or 500 minutes that will allow you to reduce the price at 0.22 €/min.

An offer for women is also available: from 1am to 5am the cost is 0.10 €/min. The registration costs 10 € with 30 minutes of bonus.

You can open the car using your smartphone or the Share’ngo Card and the reservation (which is for free) lasts 20 minutes. You don’t need to charge the car and you can leave it wherever you want.

-     Heetch (website). 10€ DISCOUNT with the code ESNPOLIMI, if you pay by credit card.

      Ride-sharing rather than car-sharing (meaning that you’ll have a driver, as a taxi), the best option if you just wanna enjoy the transportation.

Within a couple of clicks, a driver from the Heetch’s community will pick you up and drop you off where you want, always in a great mood.

Every driver from the community has been screened in order to guaranty a quality experience.

Connection with Facebook is required as a security measure to help Heetch maintain a high confidence level within the community.

Bike sharing:

-        Bikemi (website): it’s a service by the municipality of Milan. There’s an annual subscription of 36€, after which you’ll be able to use both traditional and electric bikes that you find at the docking stations all around the city.

You can also register just for a day or a week. All the fares are available at here. The service is active from 7am to 1am.

-      Mobike (website): this new service allows you to leave bicycles wherever you want, on the condition of not obstructing traffic or pedestrians.

You can register through the app on AppStore or GooglePlay. The cost of the service is 0.30 € for 30 minutes.

To use it, scan the QR code on the bike through the app and to leave it, manually lock the bike and finish your ride.

-        Ofo (website): the service is similar to Mobike. It costs a bit less than Mobike (0.20€ for half an hour), it is more comfortable but there are less bike around the city.