Hello Erasmus!! 

How much do you know about Italy and Italians? Are you willing to discover something new about it? We will try to solve all your doubts about the Bel Paese: why do we use our hands so much when we talk? How many and which places hide in our beautiful regions? What are the secrets of our recipes? How many types of art are there and which kind of music do we listen to?

We've prepared for you a unique project, called Tandem in School, consisting of many discussions about various topics regarding Italy, its people and what made it famous all over the World.

So let’s discover Italy all together! 

In the first meeting  we’ll get to know each other, we’ll present the project and then we’ll focus on the first topic: GESTURES!

So if you want to learn really the Italian language you cannot miss this lesson, because we know that non verbal communication is very important, but in Italy is FUNDAMENTAL!

Moreover you have the opportunity to learn everything with your international, Italian, ESNers friends.

  • WHEN: Friday March 27th, 6.30pm
  • HOW: Join us by using the app Google Meet

Join our facebook group  TANDEM IN SCHOOL - ESN POLITECNICO MILANO to know more about this project, to remain updated with our events and to decide new topics all together.

Ready to join us in this adventure?!


27/03/2020 - 18:30