Hey guys!! IT'S TIME TO GET FIT 

Coronavirus has stuck all of us at home, so we can chill, cook a lot, eat even more and get fat, but…April 3rd is coming!!! And with it summer and social life!! And we need to be ready for it!!

ESN is here for you! We’re organizing some wonderful training sessions all “together” to keep you fit and make sure you are going to have a stunning body for the sunny italian beaches, or simply to sunbathe in Parco Sempione!

Trainings will be regularly held in direct, so you can all take part while staying at home. In order to not overlap with Polimi lessons, we will decide when to do these trainings all together.

The workouts are made by us, from students to students, so you don’t have to be worried if you are not a pro, we aren’t as well. The level is affordable for each of us and we can decide together the different type of lessons that you would like to do.

It will be funny!!


16/03/2020 - 16:00