Need for new glasses? Problems with your lens? We have the answer! Our trustworthy optician Ottica Cenisio MILANO (located in via Borgese 1 ang. via Cenisio 18)! 

With your ESNcard, you will have special discounts10% to 40% off for glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and much more:

  • 40% discount on eyeglasses lenses
  • 40% discount on eyeglasses frame (not designer)
  • 20% discount on eyeglasses designer frame
  • 20% discount on sunglasses lenses
  • 30% discount on annual contact lenses 
  • 20% discount on daily contact lenses 
  • 10% discount on Prosthetic eyes and aid to for partially sighted
  • 20% discount on contact-lens solution
  • 10% discount on optical accessories