100 Montaditos is a gastronomic experience not to be missed.

Take the quintessential flavor that Spain is renowned for and add a few ideas more. All of the ingredients are fresh, authentic, and delightful. Combined expertly, they include every culinary aspect of Spain.

The restaurants are fashioned after 15th century taverns in Spain; yet updated and raised to a more sophisticated standard. They resonate with the subtle elegance of Spain. From the medieval grandeur of the Alhambra to the tropical vogue of La Concha, one of the best city beaches in Europe. 100 Montaditos recreates the culinary style of Barcelona’s world class restaurants found in ‘Las Ramblas’.

Their mission is to bring to Bring Spain to you, in all of its beautiful facets.

What better place to enjoy a match, a casual lunch with friends, or a night out on the town. Visit them and experience a taste of Spain.


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Email: 100montaditosmilanogaribaldi@gmail.com
Phone: 02 8398 2072
Address: Viale Pasubio 16 - Milan