For a brief summary, a few days before the international students studying in Milan return home to celebrate Christmas with their family,
ESN Politecnico Milano and ESN Milano Statale,
in collaboration with ESN Milano-Bicocca, ESN Milano Bocconi, ESN IULM Milano e ESN UniCatt Milano, 
organize CRAZY COUNTDOWN to celebrate new year's eve all together.
It is not an old tradition, the first time it was organized in 2009 with nearly 1000 people.
The other night, there was expected to be expected to nearly 2,500 people, to celebrate in advance the arrival of the new year.
CRAZY COUNTDOWN isn't only a party!
ERASMUS COUNTDOWN. It start on Frinday before Crazy Countdown. International students and ESN italian sections come to Milan from all around Italy!
They discover the city thanks walking tours organized by ESN a Milano Unita. The Milan city tour finish with aperitivo and from there,
the entertainment moves to the SECRET LOCATION for the CRAZY COUNTDOWN!

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Come ogni anno ESN Politecnico Milano ed ESN Milano Statale, con la collaborazione delle altre sezioni milanesi (Bicocca, Iulm, Unicatt e Bocconi) avranno il piacere di ospitare l'inimitabile CAPODANNO ANTICIPATO ERASMUS!
Per l'ottava volta consecutiva la festa sarà riservata SOLO a Erasmus e ESNers, un momento unico e indimenticabile per tutti i nostri erasmus!

Tenetevi pronti, stiamo tornando!!!

• • •
ESN Politecnico Milano and ESN Milano Statale, with the cooperation of the other sections in Milan (Bicocca, Iulm Unicatt and Bocconi) will have the pleasure of hosting the inimitable ERASMUS COUNTDOWN! 
For the eighth consecutive year the festival will be ONLY for Erasmus and ESNers, a unique and unforgettable experience for all of our erasmus! 
December 15th

Get ready, we're coming back !!! 
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